Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Another Earth

I was awarded $50.00 for this photograph and short essay. It is about the search for other worlds. Astronomers today are pretty close to finding images of new earth-like worlds. Look at this article from wikipedia for one of the possible ways to take the picture, which involves a giant pinhole camera in space.
Enjoy the photo-essay:

From Baghdad to Bangalore, I’ve seen it all.
Everywhere, people believe things. Maybe God, or maybe, just soccer.
Unfortunately, you can find somebody, somewhere, who believes wholly
opposing ideas.
Eat beef? Somebody thinks its unholy. Think gay marriage is fine?
Somebody else deems it illegal.
These differences stop us from solving tough problems together.
Its why the question ‘Why can’t we just get along?’ is a cruel joke.
What we need is one, single image that could get us to unite.
One day, sky searching scientists will take a picture of another world.
Another earth.
My imagination already sees it.

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