Friday, April 22, 2011

My hilarious barista

I drink coffee at Buckminster's, a cafe on the Harvard campus. My barista is usually a bulky Italian guy who gruffly recognizes me with an aggressive "small?" and slides the cup over to me. I think he'd be offended by me calling him a barista.

This conversation happened recently. Ahead of me, in the line for coffee, was this skinny, hipster type:

Skinny hipster guy: Hey good afternoon! : ) I would like a large soy latte.

My barista: What? A large what...a soy? What is wrong with you?

Skinny hipster guy: Um...

My barista: A soy latte! Listen guy, thats like a putting a bean...with another bean! What do you want, a burrito?

Skinny hipster guy: No I mean...

My barista: What are you, hungry? Do you want a soy mocha? Thats a bean with a bean with yet another bean!

By which time I was laughing too much to figure out how this ended.


Karthik said...

Can I get my non-fat, decaf soy tall cappuccino with an extra shot and no whipped cream?!

The Quantum Poet said...