Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fermenting yoghurt with wireless router

E makes her own yoghurt, and, in the Northeast, she used to get it fermented by keeping the mixture in the oven, with the oven turned off. The pilot light in the oven kept the insides warm. However, in Texas, the ovens are all electric and they don't have the attractive property of doubling as a fermentation receptacle. E has solved this problem in a unique way, by placing the yoghurt on our wireless router. The excess heat from the router is never super-hot, and turns out to be as warm as the inside of an oven. Its green, since we are recycling the heat, and has no effect on our connectivity.

I recommend it, as the yoghurt is tasty!


Mohit said...

Nice Idea. It just started turning a bit chilly here in Seattle and we had trouble with our yoghurt. Will try this innovation next time.
Also, I found the light in the oven bit too hot if kept on for a long time. I guess our oven bulb is highly inefficient.

tinseltownspeople said...

Excellent idea! I suppose laptops (which burn into my lap after a while) would be too hot?

Sanjeev Koppal said...

We haven't ever tried laptops, since they go to sleep. But this should work for any electronics that is always on.